Mentoring sessions are a one-on-one, hands on experience that you can take advantage of to increase your knowledge and skills. Each session is different based on an individual’s experience and desire to learn. I will often prepare a session based on topics that the individual would like to cover.


Sessions are $150/ hour with a 2 hour minimum booking required. Sessions usually last between 3-4 hours.



This is not only a fun opportunity for me, but a chance to get one-on-one help in furthering your experience/career. I sincerely enjoy teaching and sharing my experiences with others.

Please contact me for availability.


what's in a session?

Sessions usually begin with a classroom type discussion, then a hands on photo shoot to put skills into practice, and ending with a critique and/or post processing lesson. Topics covered that have been covered in the past, but aren’t limited to are:

  •  Understanding your camera
  •  Shooting in manual mode
  •  Posing
  •  Lighting and proper exposure
  •  Post Processing in Lightroom
  •  Work-flow
  •  Owning your own photography business